1inch imx183 image circle 16.2 F2.6 EFL8.96 Sony RX0 Lens Replacement Low distortion M22 20MP Wide

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IMX183 specification:

Diagonal 15.86mm Resolution:20.48 Ratio:3:2(5544*3694)

Edge: 1.High-speed and high-picture quality rolling-shutter type;

         2.Back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with multiplepixel;

         3.Support 20.48 million pixels readout at 21.98 frame/s in 12 bit mode.

         4.Support a global reset functio

         5.Suppoet 4k video mode(4096*2160 10 bit mode at 59.94 frame/s)

         6.Support a variety of readout modes such as 10-bit speed all-pixel readout.

         7.12 bit high-resolution readout and vertical arbitrary corping.

         8.High-sensitivity back-illuminated structure 2.4um square unit pixel with a proven record in products for security camera and industrial application.


Image size: 1inch Φ16.2mm

Focal length: 8.96mm±5%

Aperture: 2.6mm±5%

Field of View: 86°

TV Distortion: <1%

Total Optical Length: 32mm±0.2

Back Focal Length: 2.20±0.20

Thread Size: M22*P0.5

Optical Structure: 8G2P+IR

IR Cut Coating:  Tave>=95% @440nm-620nm,


Barrel Material: Aluminium Alloy


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