4.35mm 16MP M12 RGB Lens 1/2.3" F/2.8 4K Resolution Lens for GoPro Xiaoyi Camera Modified UAV

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This lens is light weight at 6g and super sharp with 16MP optics. Special optics make this lens 'rectilinear' so there is no fisheye distortion at all. Excellent edge to edge sharpness. Perfect for drone and gimbal use and great for general shooting.


Model: lyx4.35-16mp

F No.: 2.8

Focal Length:4.35mm

Optical Back Focal: 8.13mm±0.1

Flange Back Focal Length: 7.68±0.1

Image circle: φ7.9(1/2.3") Max:φ9(1/1.8")

Lens Structure: 13Elements All Glasses

Mount: M12*0.5

Barrel Material: All Metal

FOV: (H*V*D) 72° * 54°* 90°

Distortion: 〈4%

CRA: 〈12.5°

Resolution: more than 300 line pairs/mm

Operating Temperature: -20°C~85°C

HSF& Safety: ROHS

Barrel Material: Aluminium Alloy

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