12mm 1/1.8" M12 10MP Lens for GoPro Hero 5/6/7 Action Camera SJCAM SJ4000 Xiaomi Yi Lens

The newly 34d 12mm 10mp lens from LYX LENS is narrower than our popular 7.2mm and has the same 4K sharp non-fisheye distortion while being 34 degrees more zoomed in.

with large wide lens to get maximum light for GoPro camera when using Gopro on the rifle scopes, air gunning , air soft , hunting.This lens sticks out of the GoPro camera so it does work in the waterproof housing and will throw the balance of most gimbals off if not re-balanced.


Model: lyx12

Image size: 1/1.8inch                      

Focal length: 12mm

Aperture: 1.8mm

Field of View: D: 42°H: 33.6°V: 25.5°

Distortion: -1.8%

Total Optical Length: 18.9 mm

Back Focal Length: 6.7mm

Flange Back Length: 6.23mm

Thread Size: M12*P0.5

Optical Structure: 10G+IR

IR Cut Coating:  Tave<=95% @420nm-620nm, Tave=50%@650nm±10nm

Barrel Material: Aluminium Alloy

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