3.4mm 1/2.3 inch F2.8 4K M12 Non-fisheye no distortion Lens 85Degree 16MP IR-CUT for Gopro 5 6 7


The 3.37mm (HERO 7/6/5) is our newest 4K lens designed for the GoPro Hero 7, 6 & 5 Black camera. With its 85 degree HFOV 16MP sharp 7 glass (4G+3MO) non-fisheye optics this lens captures the entire image sensor.


Image size: 1/2.3inch φ8mm

Focal length: 3.4mm

Aperture: 2.8mm

Field of View: D: 99°H: 85°V:69°

Distortion: 1%

Total Optical Length: 24mm

Back Focal Length: 3.22mm

Flange Back Length: 1.72mm

Thread Size: M12*P0.35 half thread

Optical Structure: 5G2MG+IR

IR Cut Coating:  Tave<=95% @420nm-620nm, Tave=50%@650nm±10nm

Barrel Material: Aluminium Alloy

Item :  3.4mm 1/2.3 inch F2.8 4K M12  Non-fisheye no distortion Lens  85Degree 16MP IR-CUT for Gopro 5 6 7

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