GoPro Hero7 cameras make an appearance in leaked images

by GoPro Hero7 cameras make an appearance in leaked images September 14,2018

It seems we should be bracing ourselves for some new GoPro cameras, after images of an in-store display showcasing the GoPro Hero7 found their way onto the web. There's nothing official from GoPro itself yet, but these pictures look authentic enough.

Originally posted to Reddit, the images suggest we've got three cameras to look forward to: the Hero7 White, Hero7 Silver, and Hero7 Black. No word yet on how each model is different, but the top-end Black one is the only one sporting a front-facing display, and will no doubt be the most expensive model too.

Waterproofing and image stabilization get a mention in the marketing blurbs, which makes it sound like the new cameras will be a steady step forward rather than a complete revamp. As yet we don't have any specific specs to share.

As for those colors, the Black moniker has long been used to denote the high-end GoPro models, but we haven't seen a Silver model since the GoPro Hero4 in 2015, and the White model is new – perhaps a budget option, but we'll have to wait and see.

It hasn't been an easy last few years for GoPro: customers with action cameras are in no desperate rush to upgrade and those without seem to be happy to stick to using their smartphones for filming. In an effort to diversify its product line, GoPro dipped a toe into the world of drones, but has since pulled the plug on that.

All of which means there's a lot riding on the next batch of GoPro flagship cameras, and we're looking forward to seeing what's in store. Based on this leak and previous rumors, we'd say a launch shouldn't be too many weeks away.